Landing / overflight Permits

Landing / overflight Permits

Flight Permits. Viet Sky Support

Flight Permits. Viet Sky Support

All flight operations within the territory of Vietnam shall conduct only in accordance with the permission of the competent authorities of the country.

Permits are required for your flight, so you need to obtain permits prior to flight operation.

VietSky Support (VSS Aviation) has the ability to secure all required permits in a fast and efficient way, thanks to our trusted relationship with local civil aviation authorities. VSS Aviation can obtain clearance for a wide range of flight types, from commercial airlines to VIP private operators and urgent medivac flights.

We are also able to obtain overflight/landing permits for Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thai Land, India and Pakistan in the shortest time with competitive price.

Our holistic range of services ensure that you and your crew have a trouble free flight.





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