About Us

Who we are

About us: VietSky Support (VSS Aviation) is a dedicated aviation services company operating independently from any airline group or operator. We are a leading company of this kind in Vietnam. An evolution that has been the result of our commitment to delight customers and enable their success.

Our passion to bring the best to everyflight is what has catalysed the expansion of our business lines, to provide safe and secure ground support, but also to facilitate requests with a sense of urgency, enthusiasm and genuine desire to provide service you and your passengers remember.

Our staff and management comprise decades of experience in this market as well as abroad. Our multinational staff with their varied background in the aviation industry will ensure that you receive the best service possible.

With an experience spanning over 10 years in this matter, VietSky Support (VSS Aviation) is poised for a new phase of growth, creating value for our customers, commercial and business flights, in all Vietnam airports.